Meet Charlotte


Hello, I’m Charlotte Foster! I am the founder and host of The Restore Programme. Thank you for taking the time to explore our digital course.

Here’s a little bit about me! I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist with a heart to shine light into areas of misinformation regarding diet and nutrition, which can cause unnecessary fear and restriction in peoples’ diets. I am on a mission to restore peoples’ relationships with food.

Having lost my aunty to pancreatic cancer and seen my grandfather face bladder cancer, I understand that cancer doesn’t just affect the lives of the person going through a diagnosis. Treatment can be gruelling and gaining access to a dietitian via the healthcare system can be challenging .

Over the years, I’ve worked in several areas of oncology alongside many brave and inspirational people. I have been fortunate to provide workshops and talks to several cancer charities and understand the need for help and clarity regarding nutrition and cancer.

Meet Charlotte
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Restoring Relationships With Food

Nutrition is a cornerstone to good health. I am passionate about helping people restore and cultivate a healthy and balanced relationship with food. I know all too well how challenging it is to make sense of the overwhelming and often contradictory wealth of information that exists regarding food, nutrition and a diagnosis of cancer.

For anyone facing a diagnosis of cancer the relationship with food can change dramatically and many people can be left confused and in a muddle to know what to eat in order to better their health. After a diagnosis of cancer many people will change their diet in some way. There is so much information out there readily available about diet and cancer a lot of which is not underpinned by science or research. There is no specific prescriptive diet for cancer – what is vital is that your body receives the nutrients to operate as well as it can whether you are having treatment or not.

Throughout this digital pack, I hope the different videos will equip you with evidence-based knowledge to help you to navigate the complex world of nutrition in order to help restore your relationship with food in a positive manner.

I hope that’s helped to explain a little bit about our mission and programme, and I look forward to welcoming you onto the Restore Programme soon.

Charlotte X @2x