Are you confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat when you have cancer?

Welcome to The Restore Programme, our online no-nonsense nutrition course covering everything you want to know about nutrition and cancer.

Here we provide all the answers to your questions, clear up the confusion and restore your relationship with food.

Being diagnosed with cancer can dramatically impact your relationship with food. Food and eating can become difficult and stressful for a variety of reasons, especially if you are undergoing treatment, where it is not uncommon for side effects to impact our eating and drinking.

You may be feeling overwhelmed about making sense of what the best things are to eat whilst on treatment or after finishing treatment.

You may be feeling confused having spent lots of time researching “nutrition and cancer” online, bombarded by so much information and sadly a lot of misinformation. It can be really difficult to know what to trust when all you want to do is better your health and do the right thing with your diet.

You may know a loved one going through cancer and want to get informed in order to be able to practically support them through their diagnosis.

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Relevant To You

Whether you’re about to start treatment, you are currently on treatment or have recently completed treatment, The Restore Programme is packed with useful information relevant to you. It is also a fantastic resource for friends and family supporting loved ones through their diagnosis.

The Restore Programme is an online digital pack of videos and downloadable material which takes you through anything and everything you could want to know about nutrition and cancer.

Through a series of videos and downloadable resources, Registered Dietitian and leading Nutritionist, Charlotte will provide you with the knowledge and know how, examining the evidence and claims regarding diet and cancer and give you lots of practical information to help you navigate your relationship with food wherever you are at on your treatment journey.

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